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Why do they Quit?   Mohammed Galib Hussain

Why do they Quit?

292 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Looking from the business angle, for any kind of sector, human resource is a key instrument for its success. Therefore retaining of the existing employees is the primary objective of any organization. Without human resource, no organization can do anything, even to whatever level the organization and its business is digitalized ,mechanized and computerized in the present globalized world. As a result, this is a right time to focus on retaining high-performing employees and keeping them motivated and make them to stay in the organization. Almost all the IT corporates are entrapped with employee attrition problem amidst stiff and staff competition from each other’s due to various reasons. Most of the financial resources of the organizations are met merely by recruiting, training and placing the employees routinely. A software professional stays with Indian IT company just for two years This study focuses on job attitudes of employees and its role in attrition. This study is...
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