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Financing R&D within the Triple Helix model   Maria Pettersson and Anna Delin

Financing R&D within the Triple Helix model

144 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As companies are expanding their R&D activities establishing themselves on new markets, they are also encountering opportunities and obligations. How they take advantage of the opportunities and manage the obligations will somehow depend on how they conduct their R&D activities. The existing concepts about innovation processes suggest the need for financial support and more specifically the financing in the early stages of innovation in order to conduct the process. But what they suggest and what is really being carried out differ, whereas this need is not always met. This study aims to bring the structure of the financial support mechanisms within a Brazilian context, exemplifying how MNCs within the Triple Helix established in Brazil can reach financial funding in order to continue developing their R&D activities.
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