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Data Mining in Management and Practice   Neville C. Pradeep

Data Mining in Management and Practice

412 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Leverage the competative advantage of data mining in management with this step by step Data mining in management- The ability to recognize and track patterns within data-provides companies with a powerful competitive advantage. Building Data Mining Application is the one book that bridges this gap.Unique in its breadths, ease of reading,and depth, the book demonstratrates to business users. Beginning with an over view of the current state of data mining tools market. The book progresses to show you how to build and use use for corporation's best advantage. The book focuseses on several business processes, including customer relationship management, Fraud Detection and Management,Corporate Analysis and Risk Management.Real-word business Examples Real time Retail project had been explored to show common business problems encountered by a variety of major industries The authors clear-cutwriting style shows you to 1) Understand where data mining can be used to the greatest...
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