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Aging Workforce at Saudi Aramco   Ali Al Nasser

Aging Workforce at Saudi Aramco

100 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Aging workforce is one of the most significant issues that need to be addressed by organizations. The key objective of this research was to identify the challenges facing Saudi Aramco in dealing with this issue and in reducing the gap between the aging and the young workforce, determining strategies to be employed to enhance investments and revenues, checking role of motivation as well as remuneration strategies on Saudi Aramco employees. To this end the researcher utilized case documentary and survey descriptive techniques. Proper reward policies and programs are proposed as a means of ensuring that the company remain pertinent. Key options and strategies that Aramco needs to adapt as forward strategy in solving the aging workforce problem effectively, as expounded in this work, include; recruitment of new university graduates, recruitment of expatriate workers, organizing an apprenticeship program, payment of attractive incentives, offering of consultancy service to retiring workers...
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