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Hotel Product Distribution   Fekadu Mesfin

Hotel Product Distribution

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The challenge of determining the best approaches to delivering hotel product has become more difficult in our ever-changing, increasingly competitive, and global marketplace. Hoteliers continue to experience the loss of control over their room inventory if they do not actively develop a strategy to manage their distribution channels. Thus, deployment of electronic channels and various intermediaries than to wait for in-person request must be built-in for a superior hotel service distribution and to regain control over their room inventories. Therefore, this work tried to assess the portfolio of hotel product distribution channels by giving a due emphasis on electronic distribution and various intermediaries to magnetize potential customers. The book can help readers further understand hotel service distribution, its purpose, the way it grew, and the circumstances that lead it to be used. The work also tries to give its view of how electronic distribution and various intermediaries...
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