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Attitude of Policyholders and Agents Towards Life Insurance Business   Muthu Gopalakrishnan

Attitude of Policyholders and Agents Towards Life Insurance Business

160 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The life insurance industry has been privatised. There are so many private companies that do the life insurance business. In this situation the attitude of the agents and policyholders may change. There is a problem on the part of the Life Insurance Corporation of India to retain the agents and policyholders. In addition to this, even though Life Insurance Corporation of India is a very big organisation in India, it faces certain problems. All of the schemes and plans offered by the Corporation can’t suit the purse of the prospects. Some plans can tap the prospects into the life business and some others cannot. The agents of LIC of India play an important role, because they act as an intermediary between the public and the Life Insurance Corporation. They face many problems both in dealing with the Corporation as well as with the public. At The same time due to the availability of private insurance from so many new companies, the investors are to be taken care by the Corporation, So...
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