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Recruitment, Selection And Retention   Owais Shafique,Rabiyah Athar and Abu Bakar Ahmad

Recruitment, Selection And Retention

232 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Several businesses are now grappling with the need to recruit, select and retain fresh talent. Finding good people is becoming so difficult these days that one HR director said “losing people should be a criminal offence”. The cost of not retaining an employee is almost 250% the person’s annual salary. There is no one panacea for retaining people. Blanket solutions to individual needs tend to backfire. In contrast to their grandparents, employees in the new millennium do not stay with a company for life. A more tailored yet strategic approach is most appropriate to the management of recruitment, selection and retention. This book has been inscribed in a way that it covers just about every aspect of Recruitment, Selection and Retention. The book not only discusses the old notions but also sheds light on the new concepts such as Generation X, Rank and Yank Approach, employment laws and most importantly the unsung aspect of Retention – the catalyst for competitive advantage. This book...
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