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The Effect of Employee Satisfaction on Employee Attitude And Loyalty   Fadi Fathi Zidan

The Effect of Employee Satisfaction on Employee Attitude And Loyalty

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There is positive relation between job satisfaction and life satisfaction, in service organization customer retention and defection are highly dependent on how front-line employees deal with the customers deal with customers, satisfied employees are more likely to be friendly and responsive, According to a recent surveys and Job dissatisfaction among public employees poses a serious problem can be avoided, Employees commitment is a valuable asset. It has a strong correlation with job performances. The findings of the employee satisfaction survey will tell you exactly how much more important one issue is over another so that you can focus your performance improvement initiatives appropriately. In analyzing the data, we can define and refine issues that need addressed, such as overall job satisfaction, professional fulfillment, employee motivation and commitment, likelihood to stay with the organization, pay level, corporate goals and objectives. Survey results can be...
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