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Hospitality Reputation Management Process   Pasi Tuominen

Hospitality Reputation Management Process

344 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Internet and social networking services have made accessing information as easy as lifting a finger and consumer can easily ‘Google’ the cheapest airlines, find reviews and opinions online or look up the restaurant whose name was on the tip of their tongue. Organisations must focus on developing methods of reaching and servicing customers that appeal to a new generation and utilise the advantages of new media. Social networking services, (mobile) websites and location-based services are among the most recent forms of brand building and reputation management used by organisations to appeal to their stakeholders. The findings from nearly 200 hotels and restaurants worldwide suggest that the management of the hospitality reputation is continual, and requires resources and well-articulated integration to overall strategy. The study concludes it is possible to expand the exposure, and enhance the general feelings towards the company and its products and services, and that providing...
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