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On-the-job Training   Faizan Mohsan,M. Musarrat Nawaz and M. Sarfraz Khan

On-the-job Training

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The study of on-the-job training in service sector has always been a widely discussed topic in the literature. Well-trained workforce is considered a critical success factor for modern organizations in today’s dynamic corporate environment and organizations particularly financial institutions from all around the globe spend huge amounts of money per year on formal on-the-job training of their employees but still much is unknown regarding the phenomenon in the context of developed countries like Pakistan. This book enhances the understanding of a little studied topic by empirically identifying OJT techniques being used in banking organizations of Pakistan and which one is more extensively used than the others. After studying this book academicians and managers will come to know that financial institutions which spend more on OJT of their employees are relatively more successful as human resources contribute to productivity more than physical and other resources. This book also provides...
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