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Smart And Regular Mobile Phones' Impact On Student Learning   Sello Mokoena

Smart And Regular Mobile Phones' Impact On Student Learning

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since mobile phones and their developments are spreading rapidly and becoming efficient tools for self-management. They are everywhere. Therefore, mobile learning is emerging as a potential learning environment at the University of Zululand. This research is based on assessing the impact of mobile phones on students’ learning at the university referred to above with special focus on undergraduate and post-graduate students. They carry them (mobile phones) the whole-day. With the spread of and growth in the use of these gadgets, and their popularity, they are being used to support the learning environment for the benefit of students on campus. Not much existing research is available on how the mobile phones can best suit the learning environment, nor can these be integrated with traditional learning approaches. Therefore, this book shows how mobile phones have a positive impact on students’ learning at the University of Zululand. The median test / Wilcoxon’s signed test rank,...
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