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Historical Developments and Trend Analysis of Restaurant Cuisine   Angelo A. Camillo

Historical Developments and Trend Analysis of Restaurant Cuisine

136 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since the beginning of civilization, the search for food has played a major role in the bio-cultural evolution of man, and eating culture has been at the center of his evolution. Food culture contributed to shaping mankind's social organization and cooking brought people together. Food today plays an important role with cultural, political, psychological, emotional, and even religious significance. It embodies religious and group traditions and has created a symbol of national identity. Records about public eating houses date back to 960 AD in the Sung dynasty cities of Kaifeng and Hangchow in China. In 1762 New Yorker Samuel Fraunces opened a public house in a building at the corner of Queen and Canal Streets called “Tavern Kitchen”. In 1783 M. Beauvilliers, opened the first establishment in the Palais Royale hotel in Paris. This is what gave birth to the original restaurant, similar to what it is known today. The true internationalization of food and cuisines began with the...
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