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Measuring Channel Satisfaction   Umakanta Sahoo

Measuring Channel Satisfaction

236 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Effective channel management needs lot of planning, monitoring and controlling activities so that goods are distributed at the minimum possible cost, with right quality and minimum transit time with least or possibly no damage to the product, packaging, labeling for onward supply to the end-users. The management of channel parametres is conceived to be service related and efficient handling of these parameters enhances the channel satisfaction. The book identifies a long chain of intermediaries involved in the entire channel of the pharmaceutical and consumer goods industry, who operate under certain motives. In order to satisfy and meet the objectivity of sustenance at each level of these channel members, the book focuses on key parametres associated with distribution of products in the channels and attempts to draw an analogy to understand the satisfaction / dissatisfaction indices across the industries. The book also attempts to catch up with the market dynamics and to come up with...
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