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Quality Spiral   Tariq Ansari

Quality Spiral

688 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Tons of money, the best of machines and materials cannot make or market any product or service on their own. It is the fourth resource or people who make the difference. People are the first requirement to establish and run an organization. The second part is Management to ensure discipline and a systematic approach. The buyer of the day would not accept anything even remotely shy of quality. Quality is the third component to complete the theme of our book. In view of the above the emerging title is, “The Quality Spiral”. The three components revolve around people. People design, develop, make and market products and services. So we start with Human Resource Management, work our way through to organizational Management, visit Marketing, and via International Quality Standards get to WTO, Global trading, and International Business. On our way we touch upon the requirements of World Class Manufacturing, Team Building, Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Investments. TQC, TQM,...
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