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The Art of Contemporary Interiors  

The Art of Contemporary Interiors

240x305 216 страниц. 2009 год.
Page One Publishing Private
In this publication, over 20 renowned architects and interior designers expose their visions of contemporary residence. These projects are extremely varied in terms of departure point as well as conception: a contemporary residence constructed from an old linen factory, a current renovation of an old master house, a transformation of a sailor's house into a pleasing living and working space, a sober restoration of an authentic hotel, a hyper modern apartment in a contemporary building, etc. These few articles, however, are based on a same element: the permanent search for the essentials in architecture and interior design. This quest, in general, drives interior designs that witness a pleasant living minimalism: sober and stripped with respect for the right proportions of warm and natural colours. The timeless quality of materials and the contemporary know-how form the centre of each project. This is probably what we know as serenity and refinement, which are...
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