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Value Added Agri-foods in India: A Case Study   Salman Hyder

Value Added Agri-foods in India: A Case Study

216 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Food processing industry holds enormous significance for India’s development because of the vital linkages and synergies that it promotes between the two pillars of economy namely industry and agriculture. Agricultural transformation through creation of forward and backward linkages with industry is a recently emerging phenomenon. Therefore the food processing industry in India is claiming a unique position in Indian economy in terms of its potential for employment generation, increasing the farmer’s income and export growth. The focus on value addition in the agricultural sector is vital for comprehensive development of the rural economy. Considering India as an emerging value-added food market, effort has been made in this book to generate some new insights and stimulate additional research in the field of value added agri-food product consumption in India. The study is basically exploratory in nature and studies the urban market to explore the consumption and awareness levels of...
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