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Corporate governance and Financial Performance of Textile Industry   Mubashra Mumtaz

Corporate governance and Financial Performance of Textile Industry

88 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Main purpose of study is to investigate link between Corporate Governance and Financial Performance of Textile Companies in Lahore market of Pakistan. Basis of study is to identify to what extent the practices of Corporate Governance is being implemented in specified companies. For this purpose Financial Performance is selected as independent variable specifically ROE, EPS, and P/E ratios, and Corporate Governance is adopted as independent variable. Corporate Governance is a system which control and direct companies. From this system following dimensions are taken i.e. Ownership Structure, Accountability, Risk Management, Director's Remuneration, Internal Audit, Dividend Policy, and Sustainability. Code is implemented in sample companies in different levels but not in its full form or even it will be better to say that practices are being implemented but employees do not know these practices are collectively known as Corporate Governance.
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