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Employer and Employee Perception on Attrition in BPO Industry   Andrew Franklin Prince

Employer and Employee Perception on Attrition in BPO Industry

248 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The study on the employer and employee perception on attrition is a research work done on attrition in BPO industry in India. Attrition has become the buzz word today and organizations are reeling under this chronic problem. As cost (direct and indirect) involved in attrition is very high the need of the hour is to identify those factors that contribute to attrition and to address these factors to reduce the attrition rate. In this context, this book analyzes the causative factors for attrition in Voice and Non-Voice segments of BPO industry in India and it is been studied in the perspective of employer and employee. The operational definitions are precisely stated. A self-developed scale is been used by the author to measure attrition and the book defines twelve factors that are responsible for attrition in BPO industry. The book highlights the literature review based on which the twelve factors were identified. The views of the HR Managers/Executives of BPO firms and...
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