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Determinants Of Loan Repayment Among Women-owned Enterprise In Kenya   Oscar Onyango Sangoro,Pamela Ochieng and Philemon Bureti

Determinants Of Loan Repayment Among Women-owned Enterprise In Kenya

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The world is in the midst of an information revolution in which the critical ingredients are knowledge and technology.Loan repayment is very crucial issue to the financial and non financial institutions.The book also elaborates on the various determinants of loan repayments which is vital to women entrepreneurs.These determinants are classified into three broad categories;first are the institutional factors secondly are the business factors and lastly are the entrepreneurial factors.The study findings revealed that the main factors affecting loan repayment includes social responsibilities such as the feeding of children, paying of rent, hospital bills, and the number of households members. The study recommended that the banking sector should review the interest rates, the terms and conditions, the loaning requirements and the repayment duration to help in timely repayment of available loans. The individuals seeking loans should be trained based on the proper loan management and...
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