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“Market study for the import of wood pellets from Russia to Finland”   Irina Ratkovskaya

“Market study for the import of wood pellets from Russia to Finland”

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Traditional fuels - oil, gas and coal - are non-renewable energy sources, thus the world is looking for alternative fuels. Bioenergy is coming with a fast paste into the picture. Russia's prospects in the processing of bioenergy are almost unlimited, as the stocks of raw materials are huge. Pellets are a type of wood fuel that is produced from compacted sawdust under high pressure, without chemical fixers. The purpose of this study is to aid Russian companies in entering the Finish market, by studying the prices, the market, the cultural differences and providing a penetration scheme of imported Russian pellets to Finland. Taking into account the price comparison, there is a clear prove that there is a big potential for Russian companies to enter the Finish wood pellet market in terms of the price difference. As an advantage, pellets are much greener than traditional fuels: 10 - 50 times less carbon dioxide emissions into the air. In today's world one of the most important...
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