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An Analysis of Customer Loyalty to Branded Farm Milk   Efthimia M. Papadopoulou

An Analysis of Customer Loyalty to Branded Farm Milk

196 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Branding suggests the use of a name, term, or symbol, created to identify a product and enhance its value beyond its functional purpose. A strong brand name gains customer loyalty; an emotional attachment preventing consumers from changing brand due to the value proposition they receive and the comfort they feel. Branding is vital for dairies as consumers perceive branded milk as more trustworthy and safe. This book is aimed at identifying whether the Greek milk consumers are loyal to the American Farm School (AFS) brand, or their loyalty is directed towards a perceived product category of “Farm produced milk” through a thorough investigation into the concepts of brands and branding practices, the factors influencing consumers’ decision making process and actual behavior, as well as the variables of customer loyalty. The author is also dealing with issues like changes in societal and consumer patterns, postmodernism, consumer tribalism, and polygamous loyalty. Given that in...
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