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Importance of Conserving Natural Resources   Machira Mwangi and Kihagi Allan Mwangi

Importance of Conserving Natural Resources

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Natural resources is a gift from nature. They should be protected under or cost and be maximum utilized for the benefit of our present and future mankind . Natural resources ranges from minerals, rivers, lakes mountains, forest, wildlife etc. They are our heritage and we ,must strive to utilize them efficiently and effectively to our benefit as well as protecting them so that they will also of benefit to our offspring in the future. Natural resources are cause of conflicts between nations (countries) tribes, clans and even families . They are causes of disintegration of countries but they can also be a source of peace and prosperity if they are used well. Because these gifts do not increase and no new resources are created unless they are artificial then there is importance of conserving whatever which is to our benefit.
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