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Decision Making For Business Growth : Research Perspective   Askiah Jamaluddin

Decision Making For Business Growth : Research Perspective

148 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this thoroughly research project outcomes covering up the overview about Malay small family business in Selangor, Malaysia. It explains about the important of decision making, who made decision and how they made the decision in the small family business. Even, most Malay families apply an autocratic decision that husband or man is the decision maker but in business they prefer to make join decision or also listen to their elderly or parents words. There are several decisions for owners in Malay small family business did on how to growing their business. It is applicable among Malay small family businesses. Perhaps there have similarities and differences between Malays and other Asian countries. It has been written and organized to be a practical book for students especially for postgraduate who are new in research. This book guides novice academician and postgraduate student in business management field on operating and learning the research process. The methodology is good...
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