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Complexity the Sixth Competitive Force that Shapes Strategy   Qeis Kamran

Complexity the Sixth Competitive Force that Shapes Strategy

676 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The current work at the hand of the reader is written to answer one of the fundamental questions of the contemporary quests in organizational strategy theory and its practice. The work is written because of the author’s great interest as a strategy consultant in applying scientific and practical methods to help his client organizations in questions of strategy but moreover it is actually written from the author’s frustration as a manager, entrepreneur and consultant with the mainstream observation of the notion of strategy and what is generally observed as strategy.The work is not only for students of business administration but of strategy for organizations of all kinds and sizes. Strategy is more than a bad exercise in goal- setting that is mostly not achieved; it’s actually a construction of diagnosis, a viable plan and a ubiquitous action applied simultaneously on a focused goal. The few pages ahead are journeys in thought, observation, reflection and theories constructed for...
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