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Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Development in Bangladesh   Dr. Md. Serazul Islam

Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Development in Bangladesh

260 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Like Bangladesh, in most of the developing countries, the wide recognition of the contribution of entrepreneurship and small enterprises in reducing unemployment, income inequality, and poverty, and their role in achieving growth and equity objectives of regional, national and sub-national economic development promoted the supporting institutions for providing both financial and business development services to these enterprises. This book earnestly attempts to evaluate empirically the impact of these services on entrepreneurship and small enterprise development in Bangladesh. This text also explores the profile of entrepreneurs and their enterprises and assesses whether these profiles, in addition to support services, have influence on entrepreneurship and small enterprise development. The constraints to and recommendations for entrepreneurship development in Bangladesh are also highlighted in the book. The materials presented and the analysis made in the book may be of use to...
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