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Trust in Superior and Subordinate Relationship   Ville Kaskivirta

Trust in Superior and Subordinate Relationship

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Being a successful leader requires building strong relationships with subordinates and colleagues, and trust is always a central figure of a functioning relationship. Trust is the glue that keeps relationships together through challenging times and it is the lubricant that gets rid of unnecessary transactional costs and the need for subordinates to protect themselves and their positions. Trust between superior and subordinate enables both parties to perform at their highest level and even overachieve on their tasks and goals. It is essential for organizations at transformative state to maintain the trust relationship between superiors and subordinates. This qualitative study explains how the interactions between superior and subordinate affect the trust relationship and how this can be utilized in business environments. This book gives an insight to the question: How to make subordinates trust you?
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