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Quality of Business Education in Pakistan   Rukhsar Ahmed

Quality of Business Education in Pakistan

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Prof. Dr. Rukhsar Ahmed’s working experience spread for 25 years in business and legal research includes 10 years (1988—97) of experience as an executive in trading, export, textile and insurance industry, and fifteen years (1998—2012) of teaching and research in Business and Law. He had taught in several management and human resources development programs for business, law, sales and marketing of financial institutions, including M.Phil/Ph.D program at Institute of Business & Technology, BIZTEK. The research work of PhD completed under the guidance of supervision of two great scholar personalities. Such as former director IBA another PhD supervisor is professor and Dean of the University of Karachi. Done master in Business Administration, another Master in Islamic Studies from Karachi University, Received Law degree LLB and LLM. The Higher Education Commission also certified his degree into M.Phil in Law. He had written more than sixteen publications. The research work...
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