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The Impact of Training on Employee Performance in Public Organisations   Karokh Hamad

The Impact of Training on Employee Performance in Public Organisations

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The quality of Human Resource is an asset to any organisation and as a result training has become an issue that has to be faced by every organisation. This study, therefore, sought to determine the impact of Training on Employee Performance using Municipality of Erbil (MoE) as a case study. The research was intended to determine the role and impact of training on the performance of employees in MoE, who were selected using the systematic sampling technique. The study assessed the training process of MoE and whether training has improved employee performance. A questionnaire was designed using structured questions to collect primary data from employees of MoE. The sample size was 216 in the total population of 1080 employees in the MoE; only 173 filled completely and returned their questionnaire, which is response rate of 80%. The results indicated that MoE’s employees were not well informed about training programmes in the organisation. Most of the employees were of the view that...
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