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Measuring the service quality in Retail Stores using RSQS Model   Faizan Ali

Measuring the service quality in Retail Stores using RSQS Model

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Service quality is a critical component of customer perceptions about the service. Customers perceive services in terms of its quality and how satisfied they are overall with their experiences. In retail in particular, margins are tightly squeezed and therefore customer service quality may be the key indicator of added value. RSQS is the model specifically designed to measure the service quality of Retail Stores. Using dimensions i.e., physical looks, convenience, reliability, personal interaction, problem solving and general policy, this model is used to measure service quality at SportsDirect in Wrexham. The primary or principal data collected in this study has been from two branches of SportsDirect in Wrexham. These have been collected from 300 customers using convenience sampling. From the gap score analysis carried out, it was found that, the overall service quality is low as perceived by customers in SportsDirect stores and hence no customer satisfaction is observed. Also...
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