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Performance of Mutual Funds Unit Linked Insurance Plans in India   Paritosh Pathak,Ravi Prakash Achanta and Pawan Kumar Avadhanam

Performance of Mutual Funds Unit Linked Insurance Plans in India

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is based on the research project which was done with Yes Bank and Max New York Life. It is the study of Unit Linked Insurance Plan of Max New York Life and how does the growth of the various insurance plans or the Net Asset Value (NAV) depends on the portfolio in which the investment has been made and the SENSEX. The various companies of different sectors have been carefully assessed which influence the growth rate of these plans. Along with this, it contains details about the various investment avenues which are available for the investors for investing their hard earned money for saving tax and maximising their wealth. The research contains vital information which can surely help the investors in selecting the Unit Linked Insurance Plans according to their incomes and savings. The decision making process is simplified through the facts found out during the research work. These facts are very essential to know by any investor before investing in any type of ULIPs. After...
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