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A Comparative Study of Intrapreneurship Prequisites and Outcome   Rekha Dubey

A Comparative Study of Intrapreneurship Prequisites and Outcome

264 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Entrepreneurial venture when reaches the point of being an established business, growth rate levels off, and a business no longer remains in its entrepreneurial stage. Though reaching that point is an achievement, a real concern for most businesses is that somehow becoming an established business means that the entrepreneurial spirit has been lost. Over here is need of an organization being entrepreneurial. The recent emergence of complex products consisting of, mechanical, electronic components, and software, not to mention interface to other IT products has given rise to many questions regarding the traditional idea of using the technological S-curve. First of all, many of the new products, such as computers and cellular phones are in effect complex technological systems of many technologies each with individual life cycles. It seems as if the individual technologies and the complex products of which the technologies are a part need not develop according to the same logic. In the...
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