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Empirical Analysis of Supplier Selection Criteria for Women Clothing   Yasser Bukhari

Empirical Analysis of Supplier Selection Criteria for Women Clothing

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Supply Chain network is a complex network for common understanding because a number of stages are involved for the completion of this process. The suppliers are an integral and critical part of this network and to select the appropriate suppliers requires the special ability and negotiation skills because they can impact in both ways either negatively or positively. This dissertation explores the supplier selection criteria used by wholesalers in Manchester by taking the five women clothing as product category. It briefly describes earlier and recent research, research in different countries and industries and some conflicting views about criteria. 30 wholesalers are selected as respondents employing a non-probability sampling and their responses on five-point scale are recorded. The data obtained is then analyzed by using SPSS and on the basis of analysis, the four hypothesis are tested. Recommendations and areas of future research are highlighted and identified. The main purpose,...
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