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Best management practices of organizations   Machira Mwangi

Best management practices of organizations

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since HIV/AIDS pandemic was first reported in Africa about twenty years ago, it has turned up to be the number one killer. In Kenya, over 7% of the population is positive. Thus every person is either affected/ infected. This problem has been made worse by the ineffective of organizations given responsibilities to manage the scourge being faced with problems of mismanagement, thus not attaining the goal of taming the scourge. The disease has also affected the economic growth and development of many countries in Africa. The book analysis various factors that affects performance of those organizations e.g. managerial competence, organizational structure, regulatory framework, government policy, mission and visions among others. It targets organizations formed to deal with improving people’s welfare and are no profit oriented (NGO and CBO), but also helpful to organizations that are profit oriented. Management should analyse the recommendations of this book to understand what might be...
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