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Small Scale Industries in North East India   Hemanta Saikia

Small Scale Industries in North East India

68 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The economy of North East India is predominantly agricultural economy. With tremendous potentiality in industrial sector, North East India fails to fulfil its industrial needs. Economic backwardness leads this sector over emphasized and flood damage to agriculture is resulted production uncertainty. Equally, there is no such large-scale industry except oil and tea. In this situation, feasibility of small-scale industry is preferable to large-scale industry for initiation of high production as well as changing over all industrial patterns. The small-scale industries of North East India are using the traditional technology, which is mostly labour intensive and has been low productive capacity. Therefore, it is important to analyse the efficiency of labour intensive technique in small-scale industries. The book also expects to highlight the real picture about the internal problems and prospects of industrialization in Assam and North East India.
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