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E – Business Management And Trading   Ajit Shrivastava

E – Business Management And Trading

348 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
From a buzzword to a current-day reality, e-commerce in world has been experiencing remarkable growth, successfully changing the way people transact. People today can shop literally everywhere within minutes, be it their workstations or homes, and most importantly, at any time of the day at their leisure. The online market space in the country is burgeoning in terms of offerings ranging from travel, movies, hotel reservations and books to the likes of matrimonial services, electronic gadgets, fashion accessories and even groceries. Currently, the retail division, which includes online sales of physical and digital goods, enjoys only a nominal share. Notably, in this division, e-tailing and financial services are the fastest growing segments with each capturing 5.8 per cent of the market as per 2013 statistics.
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