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Stimulating energy efficiency of consumers   Alica Kralova

Stimulating energy efficiency of consumers

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Energy efficiency has been introduced by major global organizations and is strongly encouraged by the European Union and individual countries as a way towards alleviating the challenges of climate change. The interventions are required on every level of society, including governments, businesses and even individual consumers. Consequently, this thesis research focuses on energy consumers and the potential of this market to improve the household energy efficiency. The study aims to answer the main research question: “Why and how do energy companies and related organizations stimulate energy-saving behaviour and contribute to sustainable energy consumption of households?” This research was conducted as an explorative case study, based on collecting and analyzing qualitative information about various institutions related to the issue of household energy efficiency. As a result, the study provides a comprehensive marketing and strategic perspective on the development of the market for...
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