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Effective Project Management In India   Anis ur Rehman

Effective Project Management In India

116 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The most significant criteria for the continued growth rate of an economy rests on the provision of quality infrastructure. The Indian government finds it difficult to provide the required financial and technical resources and the executive capacity to cope with the rising demand for roads, electricity supply, water supply, etc. The government is experiencing increasing pressure from its citizens, NGO’s and the media to provide accessible and affordable infrastructure and basic services. The emergence of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) is seen as a sustainable financing and institutional mechanism with the potential of bridging the infrastructure gap. This research aims to identify the various political, legal, financial, policy and social constraints faced by PPP projects in India. It discusses consumers’ perception towards the need to involve private partners for providing infrastructure facilities in various sectors through PPP. This research also identifies priority sectors for...
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