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The Role Of Intellectual Capital In Achieving Competitive Advantage   Amira Gad

The Role Of Intellectual Capital In Achieving Competitive Advantage

184 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Organizations now face many challenges in this changeable world through the knowledge based economy through the Globalization. This hyper competition create a need for new tools that help organizations to have competitive Advantage for products they provide in the market . One of the new tools now is the information, is the new weapon that the organization use in this knowledge economy, It's remain of act that there is an awareness age of the other kind of assets called intangible assets which include knowledge, innovations, researches, trademarks, copy rights and customer relation which concerned now as a new source of wealth and more important than tangible assets. These intangible assets considered as the intellectual capital that organization own, the real competition now represented in trying to develop and build intellectual capital through effective use of the assets to achieve and sustain competitive advantage. So, the researcher choose this topic...
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