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Information Technology And Competitive Advantage   Owais Shafique,Faiza Anwar and Abu Bakar Ahmad

Information Technology And Competitive Advantage

132 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
No doubt many car makers have earned a reputation for building high-quality cars but they are no match with Toyota’s exceptional use of technology in the automobile industry, making it extremely competitive. Toyota’s accomplishments mostly come from the synergistic performance of its research and development department and a great deal of innovative products. Management Information System (MIS) aids Honda in collating valuable information and transforms it into rational reports. MIS enables Honda to review the data and make use of the information for achieving the company’s objectives. MIS monitors the flow of goods and services, raw materials and components of Honda. The role of Information Technology (IT) in the success of Toyota and Honda cannot be ignored. IT has already proved its usefulness in many business areas including E-Commerce. IT is a force that has revolutionized the way business is done these days. Who knows what IT has in store for the organizations of the future but...
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