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Buyers' Attitude towards Life Insurance Policy   Zekarias Mekonnen Yigzaw

Buyers' Attitude towards Life Insurance Policy

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Insurance has several economic and social advantages. Primarily it covers the risk of financial loss of individuals by distributing fairly and equitably to the insured community. Insurance promotes investment by taking away the risk from the investor. Insurance sector in general and life insurance in particular in Ethiopia have been given little attention to the concept of marketing over the years. However, according to recent marketing concepts ; while selling is concerned with creating demand for the products that have already been decided, marketing is directed towards identifying the needs and wants of consumers and planning to satisfy those needs. Hence, in this context, the necessity of understanding the needs and wants of consumers to marketing could be taken to the bone, the tendon, and the ligament of businesses without which no articulation can take place. Here comes the importance of marketer to understand the factors affecting buyers’ and prospects attitude towards life...
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