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Impact of Training and Productivity Tools on Business Performance   Humaan Siddiqui

Impact of Training and Productivity Tools on Business Performance

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today in this global era with the industrious spread and boom in every aspect of life, businesses need to inject, infect and addict them with right drugs. It can be done by transforming and converting their employees in to the right kind of giant species, whose brain and performance gives excellent results like the breakthrough machine engines. So there is strong need to recognize and acknowledge human capital as a sole diamond key factor for fostering business performance. Purpose of the paper is to recognize efforts and effects of NPO (National Productivity Organization) that enthusiastically headed towards launching productivity tools and training mechanism in to the business sector. Paper elaborates the empirical investigation of the NPOs training and productivity tools that enhance the business performance. So after the business case analysis of Textile Mills, it is found that NPOs training and productivity tools help textile mills to sharpen their abilities that enhance the...
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