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Impact Of Remuneration On Job Satisfaction And Commitment   John Twahirwa

Impact Of Remuneration On Job Satisfaction And Commitment

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
My topic of the research was to make a study on “impact of remuneration on Job Satisfaction and Commitment”. The main purpose of this research was to examine the extent to which remuneration influence/impact commitment and job satisfaction in Rwandan Public Service. What motivated me to choose the above topic was that though Public Service Ministry has revised salaries/remuneration several times in favor of public service employees, the turnover is still high. It is also observed that not all well paying organizations have the ability to sufficiently retain staff. Here as a researcher, I was supposed to investigate other factors that may lead job satisfaction and commitment as a solution to high turnover in public service. Such factors are also regarded motivating factors that may increase employees’ productivity. It is in this regard that other variables along with remuneration such as demographic variables, promotion, supervision, working environment and co-workers were also...
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