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Factors Affecting Procurement Process At Public Universities In Kenya   Osoro John

Factors Affecting Procurement Process At Public Universities In Kenya

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Procurement of construction works, goods and services in public universities has had numerous challenges over the years. This has been evidenced by high levels of inefficiency and ineffectiveness in the procurement functions. Due to this there are stalled projects in almost every public university, donors have withdrawn funding of some projects and some of the completed ones are of questionable standards. Much has been put in place to streamline the procurement function. For example the Public Procurement and Disposal Act,2005 and the Regulations,2006.The study will reflect major past studies in the literature review that had an effort towards enhancing effectiveness in procurement activities. This will be explained in the theoretical review and will contribute towards identifying research gaps. The study design was descriptive and the target population was employees of public universities especially those working in administration, procurement and finance departments. Stratified...
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