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Ethical Practices In ServiceIndustry   Manisha Paliwal

Ethical Practices In ServiceIndustry

368 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Business ethics is now, more than ever, becoming an important requirement for doing business in the global market place. This book is an outcome of the research endeavor to identify the various ethical/ unethical practices of Services Industry in Kolhapur District, India covers the evaluation of the ethical/unethical practices followed by the Service Industry(Medical Services, Higher Education, Life Insurance sector and Banking Sector). This research is an effort to understand the various ethical dimensions and issues involved in service industry. One hundred and seventy six ethical/unethical dimensions were identified and the elicited opinions of the respondents were analyzed. The model tested with KS test for the relationship between Service Management and Ethical Practices and found to be dependent on each other. The author has made a modest attempt to develop a Business Model for implementing ethical infrastructure, maintaining ethical culture and improvising existing ethical...
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