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Malaysian Consumer Decision Making Styles and Purchase Intention   Abdolrazagh Madahi

Malaysian Consumer Decision Making Styles and Purchase Intention

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
"Consumer is always king". This statement indicates the importance and magnitude of consumers, so consumers behavior and their decision making should be studied in more depth and profundity. Nowadays, decision making and purchase intention are more complicated and more significant for consumers than in the past. Customers are encompassed by reports, advertisements, articles and direct mailings that provide large number of information. Moreover, different kinds of products, supplies, super markets and shopping malls make complexity and difficulty for consumers in the case of decision making. There are some reasons that motivate us to focus on young Malaysian customers. First of all, at the period of evolution from youth to early maturity, this customer segments have their unique consumer behaviors and attitudes. Secondly, young customers have the power to influence their family and shape family’s consumer behavior. Finally, the segments of juvenile customers are known as very special...
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