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Employee Value Proposition and Organizational Commitment   Tania Lambru

Employee Value Proposition and Organizational Commitment

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
On the background of economic and organizational changes, shifts in employment structures, and entry of Generation Y on the labour market, attracting and retaining talent as well as committing people becomes a real challenge. This work investigates the correlation of Employee Value Proposition (EVP) components with the dimensions of Organizational Commitment (OC), revealing what factors enhance work attractiveness and the result in engaged and dedicated employees. The study breaks down the concept of EVP and separately analyses the influence of each of its components - company, leadership, job, rewards - on the different types of OC - affective, continuance, normative. Based on relevant research questions and course of study, comprehensive literature review, well supported hypotheses and an adequate research context, the findings of this work help executives and Human Resources people understand that they need to carefully tackle commitment issues and develop strategies for enhancing...
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