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Strategy Effects on Customer Satisfaction at Mombasa Water/Sewage Co.   Mwawuganga Mwambota

Strategy Effects on Customer Satisfaction at Mombasa Water/Sewage Co.

100 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The rapid growth of water demand of urban populations has outstripped the urban water supply development in many areas in Kenya. In these water scarce areas the supply still remains the same and even dilapidated and as developed during the colonial era and therefore designed for population of that time. The government has come up with reform programmes to improve the performance in the water sector in Kenya and achieve customer satisfaction. The very essence of water reforms was to have supply of water of good quality and in sufficient quantities in sustainable manner meeting the various needs for water while ensuring safety and establish an efficient and effective institutional framework to achieve systematic development and management of the water sector (Donde, 1997). The water and sanitation companies in Kenya have developed different strategies to ensure that they meet the expectations of their customers albeit on a positive direction but the expected results have not been...
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