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Business across Borders   Md. Iqbal Bhuyan

Business across Borders

100 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since the large-scale liberalization of trade launched in 1990s, radical transformations have been taking place in the social and economic systems of Bangladesh and resulted in an increasingly liberalized government regulation toward business operations, which to a certain extent set foreign firms free to pursue their preferred entry mode strategies. Bangladesh has the benefit of location economies being situated in the middle of the world’s three highest growth areas - China, India, and Southeast Asia. In 2006, Bangladesh has been included in N11 countries as the successors of BRICs economies by Goldman Sachs. JP Morgan has also included Bangladesh in the ‘Frontier Five’ economies. Considering the market attractiveness, companies are, therefore, approaching to enter the Bangladeshi market proactively. Although a firm may enter into the foreign market by using different modes, it is difficult to find out the appropriate mode of entry that conforms to both firm’s resources and country...
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