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Sustainability Management in the Solar Photovoltaic Industry   Anton Camarota

Sustainability Management in the Solar Photovoltaic Industry

324 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The solar photovoltaic power industry emerged in 1970 in response to the growing need for electricity generated from renewable and non-polluting sources. More than 76% of solar photovoltaic companies operating in 2010 were at risk of ceasing operations and negatively impacting the earth’s ecosystems because their management practices did not address either the ecological paradox or the strategic threats facing the industry. Drucker’s theory of the business, which was expanded to include stakeholders, was used in this book to explore and describe the sustainability-based best practices of two leading companies in the industry, United Power and SolarWorld. Management practices that address the strategic threats facing the industry are described, and areas of potential improvement are noted. These best practices will be useful to solar photovoltaic industry executives, sustainability managers, and other professionals who are responsible for defining and implementing a sustainability...
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