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IT Speaks Business. A New Evolution   Hassan Backeer

IT Speaks Business. A New Evolution

60 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Over the last decade, IT has witnessed a major shift in focus across all industries without any exceptions. With the increased competition and tight budgets, business managers are in need for tools that allow them to have access to real-time information, better forecasting, and on the spot decision making. Most organizations have a number of different IT applications running in parallel and serving different areas of the business all which need to “communicate” and share a homogenous set of information with a high level of integrity. IT systems are now required to be “solutions” catering for the overall business. To achieve this dramatic change IT needed to “Evolve” into a new form, the business form, which necessitated a major revamp to the IT structure of an organization by which IT managers and leaders need to fully understand the business and the way it is run, the challenges faced, the ups and downs, and most importantly the business goals to be achieved
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