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Third Party Logistics - a Case Study of Jordan   Muntazir Haider Ali

Third Party Logistics - a Case Study of Jordan

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Third Party Logistics (TPL or 3PL) are the talk of the day; businesses are constantly looking for ways and means outsource majority of their non-core operations for a much professional look on the same, to gain cost advantage, and of course, to have a greater focus to the core-operations. In the similar context, 3PL activities are gaining momentum. However, the Arab states seem to have been left behind in this race. This research aims at finding out the level of 3PL activities existing in the Arab world today, with particular focus on the case of Jordan. Therefore, the ultimate aim of this research is to analyze and understand the level of logistics outsourcing prevailing in Jordan today, and the extent to which it is viable in the future. The economy of Jordan heavily relies on exports, mainly constituting of manufacturing concerns. Subsequently, the research aims to illustrate how well the 3PL activities can assist Jordan in attaining long run viability in its exports – the driver...
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